Challenging conventional wisdom about how we live; designs for a better way.

Have you ever felt discontentment or unease about how we live within our current world? If you have, this book is for you. It will make you think! Here is an honest and open exploration of how our current cultural context has blinded us and prevented us from remembering what it means to be genuinely human. This is a guide book for reconnecting with the elements of our essential nature.

Irene established the firm McDermott Consulting Inc. 22 years ago and has completed projects in the western provinces and the territories of Canada with an emphasis on the health, mental health, addictions, continuing care, disability services, children’s services, and justice sectors. Irene has written over 120 formal reports for various clients and has had articles published in Alberta Views and ACUA Magazines.


Remembering the book

Remembering What it Means to Be Human

A book that challenges conventional wisdom about how we live and provides designs for a better way is now available for your reading pleasure!

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Things I care a lot about…..in a new book

I am happy to announce that my thoughts and ideas have evolved and have been captured in a book which has just been released. The book: Remembering What it Means to Be Human: Things we have forgotten and why we need to remember them...

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Spiritus Vitality


The Franklin-Method® complements and supports any activity that involves movement so is broad in its application and very compatible with Pilates.

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Remembering the Book by Irene McDermott.

My Black Sweater and other things I care a lot about.

Spiritus Vitality connecting to mind, body, spirit.


If you'd like to order the book or just want to get in touch email contact@irenemcdermott.com